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Transforming Dogs into Disciplined Companions and Fearless Protectors

Whether it's for protection or companionship, training a dog is essential to ensure their safety, improve communication, and create a harmonious living environment. It provides both the dog and the owner with the necessary skills and tools to navigate various situations effectively, ultimately leading to a happier and more fulfilling life together.

Obedience Training

K9 Police/Military Training

Personal Protection

Our Services

We offer obedience and protection training, tracking, detection, etc.  Each training course will be tailored to your lifestyle with your pet so we recommend contacting us to give a detailed explanation of what your goals are and how we would approach training your dog.

Google Reviews

I had searched for a good while for a trainer to send my buddy Ranger for his obedience training. I wanted someone who was trustworthy, dependable and who would set my pup up for success after talking with Brandon about his programs I was so ready to send my pup to him and I’m glad I did! The progress that Brandon made with him during his month board and train is amazing, not only is he very well trained and obedient now he also has so much more confidence. I highly recommend using Texas K9 Solutions for any of your needs!
We’ve been training with Brandon and Bryan for about a year now. We have 2 imported Dobermans, one of which is a protection sport dog. They are teaching us how to continue her training and to cultivate her protection drive as we work towards our goals for her. They also have helped me work through problems with our more dominant male by guiding me through the process of teaching him how to learn, thus strengthening our bond and his respect towards me. Brandon and Bryan not only train dogs but teach people as well, which is the key to success with any dog.

Tammie Mills

I can’t rave enough about Texas k9 solutions. We recused our boy Rambo and knew the caliber dog he was and what he was capable of. After a month with Brandon and his team he is a completely different dog in the best way possible. I can’t thank Brandon and his team enough for the effort and dedication they have put into helping Rambo get back up on his feet and his level of obedience. If you are looking for an amazing trainer who has years of experience, look no further. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Krystal Ables

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