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Our Team.

Our highly skilled trainers specialize in the art of cultivating disciplined and reliable canine partners for law enforcement agencies and security organizations. We provide comprehensive programs tailored to the specific needs of our clients. In addition, we offer expert guidance and support for pet owners seeking to establish a strong bond, obedience, and good manners with their furry companions. Explore our trainers' bios below to learn more about their expertise in shaping confident and well-trained dogs for both professional and personal settings.

Brandon Stone

Owner/Lead Trainer


Brandon Stone served in the United States Air Force from 2010 to 2018 as a Military Police K9 Handler.

During his time in the Air Force, Brandon was the handler for multiple Dual Purpose K9s. He provided support for United States Secret Service while supporting POTUS, VPOTUS, FLOTUS and several other key leaders of the United States.

Brandon also led training of Military Working Dog teams for police engagements and combat operations, planned and organized combat operations using an Explosive Detection Dog, and trained and instructed subordinates on Military Working Dog Combat Operations.

Brandon deployed with an Explosive Detection/Patrol K9 in 2017 in support of Operation Inherent Freedom. Some of Brandon’s awards during his time in the Air Force include the John L. Levitow Award during Airman Leadership School, the TSgt Jason Norton Top K-9 Team Award and he was also awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal. 

After getting out of the Air Force Brandon went on to train Police K9’s and Personal Protection K9’s. Brandon also instructed K9 handler and trainer courses.

Brandon then went on to work as a Deputy Operations Manager/ Kennel Master for Department of State in Baghdad, Iraq. While working in Iraq, Brandon managed the Explosive Detection Canine program for the Department of State.

Brandon has attended both TSI Basic SWAT and S.K.I.D.D.S. (SWAT & K9’s Interacting During Deployment School). During the training, Brandon learned to utilize his K9 during approaches, entries, slow stealth and tactical team movements, searching techniques, safe arrest techniques, and K9 team movement during live gunfire. He has spent countless hours training with numerous law enforcement agencies across the state ensuring their K9’s success. 


Lead Trainer


Bryan Peel enlisted with the Air Force in 1995, where he served just under 25 years until retiring in 2020 to pursue his passion of working dogs full time. During his Air Force career, he served in the Weapons career field until 2014, when he was then selected for the First Sergeant special duty. As a First Sergeant, he served with Joint Service Fire Fighters, Security Forces, and multiple Joint Service Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance units before retiring. Bryan has had a love and fascination for strong working dog breeds as early as he can remember but it wasn’t until 2005 while stationed at Hill AFB Utah, that he would first get involved with working/training protection dogs. He got started with a local PSA club, where he also got his foundational introduction to decoying all levels/ages of dogs. For the next 5 years, Bryan learned under Greg McCoy of McCoy K9, while training/handling his own Presa Canario and first protection dog. After an Air Force transfer, Bryan landed in west Texas where he immediately linked up with an IPO/IGP trainer/competitor. He would spend the next 3 years learning the sport and IPO/IGP helper work. After a local transfer to Security Forces, he took advantage of the opportunity to invest himself in the unit's Military Working Dog section. His sport perspective brought a deeper focus on prey development and grip technique resulting in stronger, more complete, dual purpose MWDs. Bryan has since provided decoy work for K9 units from San Angelo PD, Tyler PD, and Smith County Sheriff's Office. He has also trained and decoyed for less common guardian breeds like Presa Canario, Caucasian Ovcharka, Bouvier des Flandres, etc. He has helped dog/handler teams earn certificates and titles in PSA, FR, and IGP, to include a PSA PDC with his own Presa Canario; and 1 of only 2 Presa Canario in the last 5 years to earn this. The majority of Bryan’s experience and knowledge was gained through “mileage”, mentorship, and hands-on time with dogs; however, he has spent countless hours researching and educating himself, driven to be a better trainer/handler. His passion, diverse protection background, and off-breed experience give him a deep understanding of drive and grip development and how to maximize each dog’s genetic potential.

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