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Police K9's

K9's & Handler's Courses

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What Separates us from the rest

Not your average Police K9 Training

We guarantee the most complete working K9's on the market. All of our selected K9's go through extensive testing before they are selected. We are not a facility that has hundreds of K9's to choose from. We only have the best. That is why we have set prices for single and dual purpose K9's because they are all the same quality. Our goal is to put the best team possible out on the streets. We accomplish this through our extensive testing and continued drive to evolve our training methods. 

Texas K9 Solutions, LLC

Trained Police K9s for Your Law Enforcement Needs

Single Purpose Police K9's

Texas K9 Solutions hand selects each each K9 from Europe. Once K9's arrive at Texas K9 Solutions they are then either put into Narcotics or Explosive detection training. We pride ourselves in providing the most complete working K9's on the market. Finished and Green Single Purpose K9's Available.

Finished cost with Handler Course: $10,000

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Texas K9 Solutions provides completely finished and green K9's. 


Dual Purpose Police K9's

This will be a K9 that has passed all of our selection testing mentioned above. We guarantee the best quality on the market. Finished and Green Dual Purpose K9's Available. 

Finished Cost with Handler Course: Starts at $13,500

Handler Courses

We offer Police Handler Courses for those that already have a dog.

Our handler's courses are available for those that already have a K9 that they need to be certified with. 

Single Purpose K9 Course: 3 Weeks/$3000

Dual Purpose K9 Course: 5 Weeks/$5000

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