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Pet Obedience

Board & Train

How We Train

We focus on handler engagement and use balanced training methods to ensure your dog wants to work for you instead of feeling forced. This creates a dog that is eager to work and please the owner which helps you have the most successful relationship with your dog.

Obedience Package Options

Option 1

A 3-5 week long “on leash” course. It includes sit, down, heel, place command, house, and leash manners. The dog will be “proofed” in public places on leash. 

Finished Cost: $2,700

This includes a handler lesson when you come to pick up your dog at the end of training.

Option 2

A 5-7 week long “off leash” course with e-collar conditioning. It includes everything stated above but with e-collar conditioning so your dog can be trusted off leash.

Finished Cost: $3,200

Option 3

This course is designed for puppies 6 months and under.

A 2-3 week long course that focuses on leash walking, sit, down, place, crate training and potty training. This course is designed to build a strong foundation at an early age to set you up for success.

Finished Cost: $1,500

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